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A guide in pompeii
Liberata Gargiulo Hello! I'm Liberata Gargiulo, I was born and raised in the Sorrento peninsula where my family has been producing olive oil and wine since the 19th century.
I speak English and French and enjoy sharing, with guests from all over the world, my knowledge of archeology, art, history, botany and of course the food and wine of my native region.
My career began in 2001 as a naturalistic guide and since 2004 I have been a certified guide for the Campania region. I'm a mother of a little girl and in my free time, if I find any, I enjoy photography, reading and hiking.
Paola Cacace Hi! I am Paola Cacace and I have been working in tourism for many years. I am a professional tourist and hiking guide for the entire Campania region, working with great enthusiasm, and happy to share with you the beauties, traditions and culture of my land. I have developed a passion for archeology thanks to my university studies. I like gardening, good cuisine, reading, writing and walking. I am an inquisitive person, passionate about the things around me.

I love children and in the past have worked as an entertainer in a mini-club. Nowadays I am mother to two marvelous children, Chiara and Gaia. My secret dream is to write childrens’ books.
Costanze Cacace Ciao! My name is Costanze Cacace. I have been a guide since 1996. I have travelled all over Italy for 9 years working with various American, German and British companies. In the past years I have been working mainly as a fully licenced guide in our Campania Region. I am specialized in archeology and love guiding tourists around Pompeii and Herculaneum or enjoying the fantastic natural beauties of Capri with my guests. It will be my pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful Region!
Ugo Somma Hi! I'm Ugo Somma. I have been working as a tourist guide since 1994 and was fortunate to learn about my Region “Campania” by the best guides that started to develop tourism in our area and I will share with you, with the same enthusiasm, the many interests of my homeland.