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Hiking tours are ideal for people who wish to be far away from the chaos of the big cities, immersed in unspoiled and wild nature and whose only desire is to be captivated by the enchanting scenery of hidden spots on the Isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast (Ravello, Amalfi, Positano) and Sorrento, without missing the main tourist attractions. Such views will definitely take your breath away!
Pompeii - Wine tasting & Mount Vesuvius An excursion which combines the famous archeological area of PompeiiUnesco World Heritage site, and the fascinating area of mount Vesuvius. The tour starts with the visit of Pompeii. Your private licensed guide will show you the main focal points of the ancient city and some of the best preserved archaeological finds. For lunch we stop in a winery, located at the foot of the volcano Vesuvius for an enjoyable wine tasting. Finally by car we reach the entrance of the National Park of Mount Vesuvius for the visit. 

Pompeii - Sorrento & Mount Vesuvius Welcome to the Bay of Naples! 
The tour includes the visit of Pompeii with a private licensed guide, showing you the main focal points of the ancient city and some of the best preserved archaeological finds, including the Forum, the Baths, the casts of the victims, mosaics and frescoes. The tour continues by a scenic drive along the Coast and a stop in Sorrento for a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets of the town and time for lunch.
By car we reach the National Park of Mount Vesuvius, surrounded with a lush vegetation typical of the Mediterranean bush.
Hiking on the Isle of Capri - Monte Solaro One of the most beautiful hiking paths of Campania region is on the Isle of Capri. Monte Solaro is the highest peak 589 meters and dominates the whole island. We start our hike from the village of Anacapri, leaving behind the crowded lanes. Along a path through which we can smell sweet scents and enjoy breathtaking views we reach the top;  once there why do not  order a nice and fresh drink at the bar while admiring both the bays of Naples and Salerno, what a view!!! After your rest you can choose to go back to the village of Anacapri either by chairlift or continuing walking along a downhill path. Hiking along the Sorrento Peninsula - Regina Giovanna The trail from Sorrento to the baths of Queen Joanna is suitable for everyone and allows you to visit one of the most enchanting places of the Surrentine Peninsula. We experience also the Surrentine country side distinguished by olive groves and citrus trees. Once we reach Capo di Sorrento we start to walk downhill towards the sea. Bagni Regina Giovanna is a rocky beach set among the ruins of the Roman Villa of Pollio Felix. Here the queen of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, queen Giovanna, loved to swim. Bring your bathing suit with you...there will be a chance for a quick dive into the sea! Hiking along the Sorrento Peninsula - Punta Campanella – Cape Minerva For hiking lovers, at the extreme tip of the Sorrento Peninsula, there is one of the most striking walking tracks of the Neapolitan Coast which leads to Punta Campanella, what the ancient Romans already called Cape Minerva. Our walk starts from the little village of Termini and we enter an uncontaminated landscape rich in natural beauty. Alongside the trail there are terraces cultivated with olive trees, plants sacred to Athena. Here the early Greek colonists built a temple to worship their goddess which was subsequently dedicated to the ancient Roman goddess “Minerva”. The path is dominated by the Mediterranean flora and by a great view of the isle of Capri. Hiking on Capri Island - Capri Villa Jovis For both, the hiking's and the archaeology's lovers, the path which leads to Villa Jovis is a must on Capri Island. The walk starts from the worldwide famous “Piazzetta” of Capri village. We discover Capri through its alleyways wonderfully decorated, enjoying the stunning architecture of its villas, built far away from the crowded centre, among splendid gardens plunged in the  lush Mediterranean vegetation and terraces artfully prepared by expert farmers. At the top remains of the imperial palace built by Emperor Tiberius at a very secluded spot on the isle of Capri. Visit of the ruins and the point known as Tiberius’s Leap. Hiking along the Amalfi coast - The path of the Gods This path of incomparable beauty and of unparalleled views recalls the mythological landscapes of the Greek Olympus and offers one of the most striking panoramas of the World: an incomparable overview from the Amalfi Coast all the way to the Island of Capri. Our hiking tour starts from Bomerano, a small village thriving at the foot of the "Milky Mountains". Approaching the end of this walking track we meet the little villages of Nocelle and Monte Pertuso, from where you can get a spectacular view over Positano. Hiking along the Amalfi coast - The Valley of the Paper Mills The Valley of the Paper Mills, is not only one of the most beautiful trails of the Amalfi Coast, but is also a great place to visit if you wish to get closer to the authentic history of Amalfi as a Maritime Republic during its golden age. From the charming town of Ravello, a true oasis of art, natural beauty and stunning gardens like authentic open air museums visited by many travellers, we hike to the village of Scala, the oldest settlement of the Amalfi Coast and today twinned with Brooklyn, New York. Alongside the mountain stream Canneto we will admire imposing paper-mills, where in the past the precious Amalfi Paper was produced. Once we reach Amalfi town, you get the chance to visit the Paper museum and the spectacular Cathedral.