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Palm Sunday  
Palm Sunday, the Sunday that preceeds Easter, is the beginning of a series of local and ancient traditions that take place throughout the week.
the tradition wants that on Palm Sunday, both young and old go to church with their compositions of sugared almonds called palme di confetti and olive branches to have them blessed.
in Sorrento and in its Peninsula the sugar almonds arrived in a particular way and they have a special meaning. The legend says that, during a palm Sunday in XVI century, while people were getting ready for the olive branches blessing, the country bells echoed for a Saracen raid. The priest went to the church doorstep, inviting people in to pray and invoke to be saved. Everyone went in except for a young fisherman who reached Marina Grande. A terrible storm broke out and all the Saracen ships sank. Only a young girl, a slave survived and was taken by waves on the beach. Here the fisherman picked her up and took her to the church announcing the miracle. The girl in a sign of gratitude offered a handful of white sugar almonds to the priest.  Since then the palms are made with sugared almonds to celebrate the miracle which saved Sorrento and the Peninsula.