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  • Lenght: minimum 2 - maximum 4 hours tour
  • Language: English
  • Location: Pompeii Ruins
  • Entrance fees: Entrance fees are not included in the price of the tour Pompeii 13 euros per person payable directly at the entrance up to age 18 free entrance showing a ID
  • Tips: Comfortable shoes are recommended
2 hrs itinerary
Pompeii was founded by the Oscans, an Italic tribe, around the VII cent. B.C., and became a Roman colony in the I century B.C.. The city was destroyed in 79 A.D. by one of the most devastating volcanic disasters ever recorded. The eruption of Mt.Vesuvius covered Pompeii under a thick layer of ash, lapillus, and pumice-stones. The city was entombed and forgotten for centuries lying beneath an undiscovered silence. In 1748, under the reign of King Charles of Bourbon, the excavations began, luring crowned heads, writers, artists, and ordinary people from everywhere. Everybody was irresistibly intrigued to see the ancient city being brought to light almost intact, as though its old splendor was living again!

The ancient city of Pompeii thrived at the foot of Mt.Vesuvius, at about 40 meters above sea level. Pompeii covered a surface of 66 hectars, of which two thirds have been excavated.

On a classic two-hour walking tour our guides make the ancient city come back to life again. To enter the site, you will be taken through one of the main gates and be asked to walk along the ancient streets characterized by chariot ruts and stepping stones, the latter, a clever solution to a universal problem... how to cross the street in inclement weather without getting one's feet wet. Our itinerary also includes the two theatres of the city: the Odeion for musical events and mime acts and the big theatre for comedies and tragedies. You will see the typical shops and buildings which were frequented on a daily basis: the bakeries, still with their wood burning ovens, the termopoliums with their original counters, the public baths with their elegant stucco decorations, the brothel (Lupanare) with five rooms containing erotic paintings (in presence of children at the beginning of the guided tour, your guide will ask you whether you wish to visit the red light district or not), some "domus" houses where the ordinary people lived and also those which to the members of the upper-class with their courtyards and private rooms.

Upon arrival at the Forum, the religious, economic, political and civic centre in a Roman town, you will be surrounded by the most important public buildings: the Basilica, the municipal offices, the markets, the building of Eumachia or wool market, and the sanctuaries of various gods, including the Capitolium dedicated to the Capitoline Triad and the temples to Vespasian and Apollo.

Of course this tour will include also the visit to the plaster casts of the victims of the eruption, caught in their last moments still with the shock on their faces.

3 hrs itinerary
If you wish to add an extra hour to the classic visit, with the guide you can visit Villa of the Mysteries, a "must see" site. This sumptuous pleasure villa was excavated between 1909 and 1910 and was only partly damaged by the eruption of Mt.Vesuvius in 79 AD, therefore its frescoes underwent less degradation.

The Villa is named for the paintings in one room of the residence. Although the actual subject of the frescoes is hotly debated, the most common interpretation of the images is scenes of the initiation of a woman into a special cult of Dionysus, a mystery cult.

A wine-press was discovered when the Villa was excavated and has been restored in its original location. It was not uncommon for the homes of the very wealthy to include areas for the production of wine, olive oil, or other agricultural produce, especially since many elite Romans owned farmland in the immediate vicinity of their villas. The villa is outside the main town, separated from it by a road with funerary monuments on either side (necropolis) as well as the city walls. The Villa of the Mysteries is considered a suburban villa.

The ownership of the Villa is unknown, the presence of a statue of Livia, wife of Augustus, has caused some historians to declare her to be the owner.

As in other areas of Pompeii and Herculaneum, a number of bodies were found in this villa , and plaster casts were made of them.

4 hrs itinerary
If you wish to add two extra hours to the classic visit, with the guide you can visit the amphitheatre of Pompeii, the garden of the fugitives and Villa of the Mysteries.

The Amphitheatre of Pompeii is the oldest surviving Roman amphitheatre, it was built around 70 BC, so it’s more ancient than the Colosseum by over a century and is the earliest Roman amphitheatre known to have been built of stone. The arena was used for the popular ludi gladiatorii, the gladiator shows, so famous during the Roman times. The amphitheater could seat around 20,000 spectators, not only citizens of Pompeii but also the inhabitants of the surrounding towns. Tacitus tells us in his “Annales” the brawl that occurred between Pompeian and residents of Nocera during a game, which caused many deaths.

Next to the Amphiteather is the Palextra, the gym area, which was built during the time of Augustus to offer to the young Pompeian a space for sports. Another reason for the building could be the setting of Augustus to gather young people in associations, in order to give them an education not only physical, but also political, offering them a position destined to become a symbol of imperial propaganda.

Before we reach the main street, we cannot miss the so called “Garden of the fugitives”. The Garden of the Fugitives holds the largest number of victims found in one place. It was originally a vineyard and took its name from the amount of dead bodies which were found in it.


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